The Armchair Revolutionary: on walking and chewing gum at the same time

It has become a commonplace to describe would-be revolutionaries as armchair warriors or armchair revolutionaries. The passion required to go into battle is for most people tempered by fearing the consequences of becoming a political street warrior.

I became aware of my comfort zone in pontificating from the armchair position recently, as the political events around me spun crazily out of control. 

The target for my armchair revolutionary chuntering was frustration at the lack of progress being shown by our politicians in dealing with the emerging economic crisis simplistically ‘explained’ by politicisation of the global oil and gas market by Putin’s regime. 

In England the Government became distracted with what became known as Partygate, the investigation into Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s illegal actions and his coverup efforts.

This was followed by two months of zombie Government as the economic crisis deepened, and the process for appointing a new PM dragged on at snail pace.

Then, no more than a week ago, Liz Truss won what can hardly be called the race to No 10. In two days, her pledges to fulfil her ‘bold plan’ began to unravel in the most tragic way with the death of the Queen. Another plan begins to reveal itself. The symbolic transfer of the Monarchy would involve another two weeks of ritual before the lying in state and funeral of the Queen.

From my armchair, I could not see beyond the further delays to what was seen in apocalyptic terms a month ago, and about which there now seems to be a collusive denial. ‘Don’t mention the crisis. The Queen’s hardly cold in her coffin’. 

Can we not walk and chew gum at the same time?