The Anvil Chorus

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Listening to The Anvil Chorus by Verdi. Sublime music, but I noticed for the first time how in the original Italian it was The Gypsy Chorus, about the gypsies at work as blacksmiths.

Not the gypsies, or their hammers, but their anvils

In an example of everyday creativity, the translation into english focuses attention on the the anvil without which the blacksmith could not function. To me the image of the anvil is more in the spirit of Verdi’s music.

Nor should be a surprise if the music has attracted imitation. The most famous ‘cover’ is that by those musical magpies Gilbert and Sullivan, in Pirates of Penzance. Later, the imitations multiplied in bursts of everyday creativity. You can hear it in the soundtrack to the film Babe. It has even be played in triumph for a home touchdown at American Football matches.

Henri Bergson considers that we engage in a creative way through our everyday encounters. Over time there is a process of experiencing the new but linked with older experiences. So, Verdi’s genius sets off subsequent experiences, which is what Bergson described as Creative Evolution.