Everyday Creativity Workshop: Football Chants

These notes are from my first efforts to come up with three football chants for three mythical football teams. I have already thought of the teams. I listed some which might become their football chants. Some are already being sung on real football terraces. Some were simply ‘earworms’ . I’ve noted them down as in ‘postpone judgement’ mode, expecting only to use three (although I might add new teams and more chants per team

The next step will be to select the songs for the teams. For this I will try to match the teams as I imagine them with the chants.I leave that next step open, you for individual or group work

The Teams

The Poynton Pelicans
The Urmston Outlaws
The Chadderton Eagles

The Tunes

The Wombles

The Anvil Chorus

She stood in the Bridge at Midnight
(It’s the Same, the Whole World Ove

Like a Wrecking Ball

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

Gimmi Hope Jo’Annah

We’ll be Coming Down the Mountain when we Come