An example of everyday creativity: the road to Glastonbury

Everyday Creativity is a source of everyday pleasure for me. I enjoy discovering it. It mostly creeps up on me when I’m not expecting it.

For example, today when I woke up, my reasonably trustworthy alarm told me it was six am. Today has been advertised as the continuation of heatwave Helen. My waking thought was sod it, it’s too early to be up and about, I’ll try to go back to sleep. Why am I boring anyone still reading listening? Hang in there, I’m approaching the point.
A second line of thought occurred to me. I could do some shopping. Nah! It’s too early. Budgeons won’t be open. But what if I improve on my morning steps total by taking a longer walk when heatwave Helen is still warming up for a day’s peak sweltering of innocent civilians?

I did not leap out of my bed and run down Woodford Road in my jimjams crying ‘Eureka’ like some Poynton Pythagoras.
I did move reasonably swiftly to seize my trusty iPad.

So that’s what I’m doing now.

Writing those reflections. Yes, you are right. I am suggesting I’ve been everyday creating, hashtag everydaycreativity.
I test the outdoor heat levels. Pleasant. I will shortly set off on an extended trip to Budgeons.
Some lines of a poem come to mind. I tweak them to match my intentions.

So never mind the direct route of the Sat Nav’s terse demands
I shall go to Glastonbury by way of Goodwin Sands.

That’s another example of #everydaycreativity.

Do let me know what you think.