Adventures of a community chess club. A battle for survival.

The East Cheadle chess club is home to a top-secret government agency, but apart from that, deals with the everyday events found in chess clubs everywhere. The mythical chess club has figured in several of my detective stories of Wendy Lockinge, super sleuth, based at the equally mythical University of Urmston.
In the story of The Double Houdini, the club faced the humiliation of relegation from the local leagues, in a single season. You’ll have to read it to find out what happened.
In Seconds Out, there are more serious dangers from a sinister organisation thwarted by a chess player seeking a more lucrative life style as a chess boxing champion.
Which brings us to the unpublished dramas of the club at the moment which I want to tell you about now.
The Dalai Lama, head of the spy catchers, has departed to enjoy his retirement, although always ready to return to the challenge if his country needs him again.
The club’s perilous state is revealed as league chess starts again, after the two seasons layoff throughout the Covid pandemic.
But now, there seems a reluctance of members to return to play on club night.
Then, news that the modest rent charged by the owners of the club premises are to be hiked considerably.
Something needs to be done, or the club with a proud tradition in earlier days, will have to face the possibility of disbanding or looking for a merger with a club in one of the adjacent townships.
Will this be the shortest of my reports from a community chess club? I hope to have better news in my next report.