The Armchair Revolutionary: on walking and chewing gum at the same time

It has become a commonplace to describe would-be revolutionaries as armchair warriors or armchair revolutionaries. The passion required to go into battle is for most people tempered by fearing the consequences of becoming a political street warrior.

I became aware of my comfort zone in pontificating from the armchair position recently, as the political events around me spun crazily out of control. 

The target for my armchair revolutionary chuntering was frustration at the lack of progress being shown by our politicians in dealing with the emerging economic crisis simplistically ‘explained’ by politicisation of the global oil and gas market by Putin’s regime. 

In England the Government became distracted with what became known as Partygate, the investigation into Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s illegal actions and his coverup efforts.

This was followed by two months of zombie Government as the economic crisis deepened, and the process for appointing a new PM dragged on at snail pace.

Then, no more than a week ago, Liz Truss won what can hardly be called the race to No 10. In two days, her pledges to fulfil her ‘bold plan’ began to unravel in the most tragic way with the death of the Queen. Another plan begins to reveal itself. The symbolic transfer of the Monarchy would involve another two weeks of ritual before the lying in state and funeral of the Queen.

From my armchair, I could not see beyond the further delays to what was seen in apocalyptic terms a month ago, and about which there now seems to be a collusive denial. ‘Don’t mention the crisis. The Queen’s hardly cold in her coffin’. 

Can we not walk and chew gum at the same time?

Stay alive, stay creative. A conversation with myself

I recently thought differently about something important to me. As its importance is only to myself, I would see it as an example of everyday creativity.

To share it with others, I posted it on Twitter, and started a note about the idea and how it began to suggest more ideas.

The note turned into a conversation with myself.

The tweet:

What’s the best way to retain your love of life? Give your everyday creativity every chance to flourish.

The conversation with myself:

At risk of sounding pretentious –

You are sounding pretentious.

I’ll ignore that remark

I found creativity early in my working life.

You are still sounding pretentious. Why don’t you add I suppose creativity found me?

So how should I explain what I mean?

Quit the health and wellness stuff. Get a bit more personal.

Good call. Let’s see. Take the time I was feeling a bit down on my birthday. Way down,

Understandable, it was your eightieth. Thoughts turning to shuffling off the mortal coil, no doubt.

Sort of. As if I was heading for a creative black hole. Yes, and the feeling of emptiness. Then I made a decision, And that led to another one.

Go on, that’s better

First, I’m going to give up writing books.
That’s the most negative thought you could have had.

Probably not. I had some other pretty black ideas. But then!

You rediscovered creativity and things started looking better.

Sort of. Instead of thinking what I wasn’t going to do in future, I saw what I was going to do.

You discovered podcasting.
That, and more.

I made the connection. Loss of creativity. Feelings of depression. Rediscovering creativity. Feelings of elation.
Feeling alive. Life’s worth living sort of stuff. In the zone. The inner child released.

A bit over the top?

That’s right.

It’s still a bit of a leap to start spouting about a life-enhancing moment.

I need to sneak in a few theoretical ideas which I’m finding important.

Now you’re getting away from your immediate direct experiences.

I was coming to that …

An example of everyday creativity: the road to Glastonbury

Everyday Creativity is a source of everyday pleasure for me. I enjoy discovering it. It mostly creeps up on me when I’m not expecting it.

For example, today when I woke up, my reasonably trustworthy alarm told me it was six am. Today has been advertised as the continuation of heatwave Helen. My waking thought was sod it, it’s too early to be up and about, I’ll try to go back to sleep. Why am I boring anyone still reading listening? Hang in there, I’m approaching the point.
A second line of thought occurred to me. I could do some shopping. Nah! It’s too early. Budgeons won’t be open. But what if I improve on my morning steps total by taking a longer walk when heatwave Helen is still warming up for a day’s peak sweltering of innocent civilians?

I did not leap out of my bed and run down Woodford Road in my jimjams crying ‘Eureka’ like some Poynton Pythagoras.
I did move reasonably swiftly to seize my trusty iPad.

So that’s what I’m doing now.

Writing those reflections. Yes, you are right. I am suggesting I’ve been everyday creating, hashtag everydaycreativity.
I test the outdoor heat levels. Pleasant. I will shortly set off on an extended trip to Budgeons.
Some lines of a poem come to mind. I tweak them to match my intentions.

So never mind the direct route of the Sat Nav’s terse demands
I shall go to Glastonbury by way of Goodwin Sands.

That’s another example of #everydaycreativity.

Do let me know what you think.