What’s it all about?

Everyday Creativity is a space for exploring ideas of creativity, ingenuity and innovation. I want to show that although not many of us truly consider ourselves ‘creative’, or indeed ‘creatives’, we all have creative potential and power that we put to use in novel ways every single day. Each of us overcomes various obstacles each day through creativity – we just don’t perceive our own creative power, and I want to change this. Creativity is too often thought to be the reserve of high-brow artists and ‘thinkers’, but are we not all ‘thinkers’?

I will explore the concept and application of creativity through writing and my latest project, a podcast I call TudoRama. The podcast is the perfect 21st century medium; we live faster lives than ever, and I want the things I discuss to be readily available and accessible for you to listen to as you go about your daily life. I have featured and will continue to interview a broad range of people on the podcast; we all have something different to offer the creative space, no matter our age or level of experience. Each new episode will be shared here, along with a reading list and extra resources for those interested. That said, the idea of TudoRama is that it is fun and digestible – ideal for both the casual listener and the more academically inclined!


By Tudor Rickards

Tudor Rickards is a Business School Professor who has taught and written extensively on leadership, creativity and change management. He has also worked as a scientific manager, journal editor, and entrepreneur. Tudor lives in a part of Greater Manchester which figures in his fictional writings, plays tennis badly and chess more competitively.

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